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An immersion heater heats water directly inside it. Here, there is a heating element immersed in the water, and a strong electric current is passed through it which causes it to heat the water in contact with it.
An immersion heater is an electric water heater that sits inside a hot-water cylinder. It acts a bit like a kettle, using an electric resistance heater (which looks like a metal loop or coil) to heat the surrounding water.
WNH’s immersion heaters are designed primarily for direct immersion in liquids such as water, oils, solvents and process solutions, molten materials as well as air and gases. By generating all the heat within the liquid or process, these heaters are virtually 100 percent energy efficient. These versatile heaters can also be formed and shaped into various geometries for radiant heating and contact surface heating applications.

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Use in tank heating, usually for stagnant liquid to heat up and maintain at certain desire temperature. Multiple immersion heaters are used for a bigger tank dimension where heat distribution can be spread more widely. Temperature control by means of ON/OFF thermostat or contactor is adequate where precise control is not required.

Typical Applications:
Closed Drain Drum
Open Drain Drum
Storage Tank
Lube Oil Reservoir
Any other liquid mediums
Boiler Equipment
Bulk Liquid Storage Tanks
Calorifier Packages
Cleaning and Rinsing Equipment
Heat Transfer System
Hot Water Storage Tanks


Max power of single heater up to 2000KW-3000KW, maximum voltage 690VAC
ATEX approved. Exd, Exe, IIC Gb, T1-T6
Zone 1 & 2 applications
Ingress Protection IP66
High quality anti-corrosion/high temperature heating element materials:
Inconel 600、625
Incoloy 800/825/840
Hastelloy, Titanium
Stainless steel: 304, 321, 310S, 316L
Design to ASME code and other International Standards.
Over-temperature protection on heating element/flange/terminal box by using PT100, Thermocouple and/or thermostat.
Flanged connection, ease of installation and maintenance.
Design for Life in cyclic or continuous operation.

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